Bergen is  the capital of western Norway and the port to our world famous fjords. It is an old Hansa Stadt and it is the most international city in Norway.
The center of the city is surrounded by mountains, seven to be precise, and most of the town is situated outside the mountains. Because of that, Bergen still looks like a small and cozy town if you arrive from the sea, which in fact many tourists do. This is the main harbour for the many cruice ships which arrive «the Port of the Fjords» every year. It is so many of them that they have become a huge problem.
Our town is mainly a finance center but culture and media has become more and more important.
Unlike all other Norwegian dialects, Bergen language is strongly influenced by other languages like German, Dutch and English. It is also very common to say «I am not from Norway, I am from Bergen».

Summer in Bergen

Bergen is very «tourist friendly» and the city is famous for the rain. The first thing many of the visitors do when they arrive, is to buy rainwear, and of course; the most expensive they can find. Despite the reputation of the rain, the sun can shine from a cloudless sky and they all become very disappointed …

From 1991 to 2014 I didn’t live here. I lived in several towns along the west coast of Norway; Haugesund, Stavanger and Sandnes.

I have chosen one photograph which truly describes my home town. I am not the outdoor photographer type …I case you want to see more of Bergen check out Visit Bergen.